Design As Learning: A School Of Schools Reader

The article has been originally published as part of the book ‘Design As Learning: A School Of Schools Reader’, Published by Valiz and the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, 2019. 

ISBN: 978-9-49-209560-2

From the introduction of the book:

Why do design? What is design for?

In a world of dwindling natural resources, exhausted social and political systems, and an overload of information there are many urgent reasons to reimagine the design discipline, and there is a growing need to look at design education.

Learning and unlearning should become part of an ongoing educational practice.

We need new proposals for how to organize society, how to structure our governments, how to live with, not against, the planet, how to sift fact from fiction, how to relate to each other, and frankly, how to simply survive.

Design as Learning asks: can design and design education provide these critical ideas and strategies?

The book includes our conversation with Gabrielle Kennedy about our project Docendo Discimus* Instrumantae. And we seek the answer as to how we can reinterpret the workshop to transcend its tempo-spatial boundaries in the decentralized age of MOOCs and DIY?

Amongst us, the interviewees include Åbäke (Maki Suzuki), Navine G. Kahn-Dossos, Ebru Kurbak, Prototype Series (Mae-ling Lokko), Studio Folder (Marco Ferrari & Elisa Pasqual), SulSolSal (Hannes Bernard & Guido Gigli) and Pinar Yoldas.

*by teaching, we learn.