roboticFabrication Lecture @Oney Architecture

FABB will be giving a lecture at Oney Architecture as a part of their lecture series; Lunch & Learn. A glimpse at the novel approaches in the field of digital fabrication, construction and the interaction at the intersection of architecture and robotics, as well as a brief background to the creative robotics. date13 December 2017locationKuruçeşme, İstanbulforOney Architecture

roboDraw @Innovation Week 2017

FABB will be performing roboDraw at the RE-PLAYERS: Oyunu Değiştirenler Experiment Zone. date6-9 December 2017locationICCforenüstkat / TEB

Architecture and Digital Fabrication

Within the scope of lecture series ‘ Architecture and …’ organized by ISMD, FABB co-founder Efe will be talking on architecture and robotics at the intersection of digital fabrication at SALT Galata. date6 November 2017locationSALT GalataforIstanbul SMD

sinoid @Architecture Week 2017

Sinoid will be the foyer attraction for the 2017 Architecture Week @ YEM. FABB will be showcasing robotic hot wire cutting of  Sinoid family. date5 October 2017locationYEMforYEM

roboDraw @digital2.0

FABB will be talking about Creative Robots along with the representatives of robotic industry who will be updating us  about the latest developments. Smile!!! roboDraw will be on display, creating a wall of calligraphic portraits of the visitors throughout the event. Drop by if you have the chance. date25 May 2017locationYEMforGelecekhane

roboticDrawing Workshop @MEFU

FABB will be hosting an intense 2 days workshop on creative coding and parametric robot programming. A Calligraphy pen is attached to the robotic arm as an end effector. Based on the brightness value of the image processed, an algorithm generates the path to be drawn. date27-28 March 2017locationMEF UniversityforFADA Workshop Week