robo_luminous is an introductory workshop based on the key principles of computational design, in which you will learn the basics of parametric robot programming and data structures. We will devise a generative model created by Grasshopper and KUKA|prc in order to execute a light painting performance by an industrial robotic arm. During the online workshop, each participant will generate their …

Docendo Discimus Instrumantae @ 4th Istanbul Design Biennial

How can we redevelop the workshop to transcend its tempo-spatial boundaries in the decentralised age of online learning and the make-it-yourself movement? Docendo Discimus Instrumantae – meaning by teaching, we learn – proposes a workshop in which an international network of contributors share their experiences on robotic fabrication processes through online instructionSets. instructionSets are an experimental protocol for sharing digital …

Design, Develop and Build with Robots!

Integrating design fabrication and fabrication design transforms the architect into an interdisciplinary actor. A new production paradigm emerges as the explorative analog world of design by making and the highly precise digital fabrication merge. Aslıhan Demirtaş will be joining us to discuss the reinterpretation of craftsmanship and architectural production through professional collaborations and educational practices, Kamil Kaptan to share his experience …

Computational Making

Burcu will be hosting a panel on an emerging interdisciplinary field of Computational Making. The discussion will revolve around the following questions: -The relationship between abstract computation and active making is our ultimate inquiry. -What are potential collisions and collusions between these two worlds? date6 April 2018locationLutfu KırdarforARCH + DSGN

Tasarımda Dönüsüm

Efe will be discussing digital transformation of architectural design practice within the context of digital fabrication. date9 March 2018locationOzyegin UniversityforOzU

roboticFabrication Lecture @ ECARCH

FABB will be giving a lecture at ECARCH Cuma Sohbetleri. A glimpse at the novel approaches in the field of digital fabrication, construction and the interaction at the intersection of architecture and robotics, as well as a brief background to the creative robotics. date22 December 2017locationOrtaköy, IstanbulforECARCH