tasarla türet, robotla üret!

Integrating design fabrication and fabrication design transforms the architect into an interdisciplinary actor. A new production paradigm emerges as the explorative analog world design by making and the highly precise digital fabrication merge.

tasarla türet, robotla üret! (Design/Develop, Build with Robot!) aims to introduce all the actors of the construction industry with robotic fabrication technologies set to revolutionize the largest industry in Turkey.

Yapı robotPanel // 41st Build Turkey

During the first event of TTRU, we have hosted Aslıhan Demirtaş to discuss the reinterpretation of craftsmanship and architectural production through professional collaborations and educational practices, Kamil Kaptan to share his experience in combining analog material expertise in wood joinery with numerical controlled production technologies, and Barış Çokcan to present the robotic fabrication methodologies he utilized in his work.

Yapı robotZone // 42nd Build Turkey

We will be sharing our experience on the new paradigm and its innovative methods while showcasing a real-time architectural robotic fabrication process. You can experience the robotic fabrication process of a brick wall being build by Robot Orange inside the Yapı robotZone located in front of Yapı Arena (Hall 14, H430).

Yapı robotTalks // 42nd Build Turkey

We will be discussing the exciting oppurtunities provided by the novel robotic fabrication technologies and how they can be utilized in the construction industry with our guests at Yapı robotZone. Don’t miss it between 11.00-12.00!

19/06/19 Ezgi Baştuğ, Architect @ŞANALarc

20/06/19 Ahmet Mucip Ürger, Founding Partner @Özer/Ürger Architects

21/06/19 Abdurrahman Çekim, Founding Partner @Baraka Architects

Yapı robotTrail // 42nd Build Turkey

  • Spot Yapı robotStops and discover the installations Robot Orange has fabricated out of different materials.
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  • date

    2018 - ongoing

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    41st & 42nd Build Turkey, Istanbul

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    Hyve Turkey

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    Işıklar Tuğla