Docendo Discimus Instrumantae

How can we redevelop the workshop to transcend its tempo-spatial boundaries in the decentralized age of online learning and the make-it-yourself movement? Docendo Discimus Instrumantae – meaning by teaching, we learn – proposes a workshop in which an international network of contributors share their experiences on robotic fabrication processes through online instructionSets.

instructionSets are an experimental protocol for sharing digital making methodologies and documenting deviations and interpretations. Over the course of the six weeks of A School of Schools, six instructionSets developed by six teams around the world had been executed, shared, repeated, duplicated and fabricated by the two KUKA robotic arms.

Dagmar Reinhardt (University of Sydney), Ninotschka Titchkosky (BVN), Chris Bickerton (BVN), Dylan Wozniak-O’Connor, Rodney Watt, Lynn Masuda, Susana Alarcon (University of Sydney/DMaF Robotic Team). Research assistance: Eduardo Barata, Maryam Houda, Adam Hannouch, Matt Hunter, Mitchell Page (University of Sydney). Industry Partner: Matthew Blair, Paul Wintour, Farbod Fathalipouri, Nazgol Asadi, Sam Sweeney, Ross Seymour (BVN). Structural analysis: Sascha Bohnenberger (Bollinger+Grohmann).

DDI documentation producer Can Söylemez

DDI interim assistants Ayşe Esin Durmaz, Eda Yetim

photo credits of the installation Kayhan Kaygusuz

  • date


  • location

    Akbank Sanat, Istanbul

  • for

    4th Istanbul Design Biennial

  • sponsored by

    KUKA Turkey, Dow-Aksa, Duratek, Cresto Antique Marble